Country of origin: Italy

” Our motto Bio-sustainable is a precious key ingredient enclosed in each of our products!”

In search of genuine natural, ecological detergents sourced from local producers in Rimini, Italy, Silvia and Pierluca (husband and wife) found themselves struggling to find any. At that moment, they decided to become producers themselves. This way, Officina Naturae had been born in 2004.

There have always invested many resources into studies and products’ development to deliver highly effective cosmetics and detergents with low impact on the environment.

The company owns its production lab now, where they study, develop and produce their vegan marketed proposals made from natural and organic ingredients only, mainly sourced from Italy.

Ecological behaviour and product effectiveness are at the core of their daily duty.

They strive to minimise energy waste and avoid pollutants’ emission throughout their products’ lifecycle as much as possible regarding both formulations and packaging.

They are always looking to upgrade their packaging to more sustainable versions. After experimenting with reusable buckets, softboxes, flexible bags etc., they have stumbled upon a raw material made from renewable sources capable of reducing CO2 from the atmosphere called Green Polyethylene or Bioplastic made from sugar cane bioethanol synthesis. They’ve been the first to produce bioplastic bottles and cans and use this type of packaging for household products in Italy!

It saved 172,2 tons of CO2 from being introduced into the environment from 2014 to 2020. It equals 160 cars travelling 15 km a day for a year without introducing a gram of CO2!

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