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All of us know we have reached a point of environmental crisis. It has been long overdue for us to take a new stance. Yet, irresponsible use of toxic chemicals, petrochemical-derived ingredients, hormonally active agents, microplastic, harmful preservatives and other unsafe components are still actively used in various production processes creating a massive impact on our wellbeing and the environment.

People all over the world are awakening to the visible and undeniable footprint we leave on the planet and our future.


Natural and Eco-Friendly is not about a trend, not even hype. It’s about Love. Love for yourself, for your family, for your pets and love for the environment.
Because when you Love, you Care!

Green Era has been born as a symbol of change, new age, new times of conscious and responsible consuming and producing. We’ve set up to become part of a new world of a healthy relationship with mother nature with no compromises.

Our mission is to highlight the importance of changing current ways of consumption, find genuine green swaps to conventional products and encourage the old habits’ change.

We try our best to ensure the products we stock are rigidly selected by what’s inside the products and formulas rather than the marketing claims and campaigns.
We aim to gather under one roof and support the brands that follow the same path and share the same clean and Eco values.
Direct connection with the manufacturers, with no third parties, allows us to ensure the products’ authenticity and production processes.


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“we are part of nature” concept


We try our best to make sure the products we stock are carefully selected to meet the eco-standards without compromising on the effectiveness.


  • no mineral oil, paraffin, vaseline & other petroleum-derived ingredients
  • no silicones
  • no microplastic
  • no PEG & its derivatives
  • no parabens, methylchloroisothiazolinone & methylisothiazolinone & other critical preservatives
  • no hormonally active agents
  • no formaldehyde releasers
  • no aluminium
  • no SLS, SLES, ALS & other irritant tensides
  • no Ethanolamines (TEA, DEA, MEA)
  • no BHT, BHA, Disodium EDTA
  • no phosphates, phosphonates, polycarboxylates
  • no chlorinated bleaching agents
  • no optical bleachers/brighteners
  • no azo dyes, nickel
  • and other critical ingredients…



  • no microplastic
  • no toxic preservatives
  • no silicones
  • no hormonally active agents
  • no animal testing
  • no petroleum-derived ingredients
  • biodegradable ingredients
  • low environmental impact


  • zero-waste
  • refills
  • recycled & recyclable*
  • reusable
  • biodegradable
  • sustainable & thoughtful packaging*
  • innovative packaging design
  • bio-plastic
  • low CO2 footprint
  • renewable energy

* There hasn’t been found any fully sustainable plastic-free packaging for the liquid formulas yet. Although, manufacturers work hard to find Eco alternatives as soon as possible.


A good understanding of ingredients and knowledge of cosmetic chemicals has become one of our virtues that we need to share.

Stay tuned to our social media channels and blog platform, where we come up with loads of ‘good to know’s and priceless educational information.

We want people to find themselves able to distinguish a ‘good’ from a not so ‘good’ formula product and feel confident in their choices.
We hope to help as many people as possible and contribute to better decisions hence, a better world.

“The decisions made today is what creates the life of tomorrow.”

Yours sincerely,
Green Era Team