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Due to the nature of the products we offer we can’t take back any products that have been removed from their packaging. An exception could be any product that is not related to personal hygiene such as soap dishes etc, and that hasn’t been altered or damaged in any way.

We do offer refunds for products that have been delivered altered or damaged. We in turn will file a claim with the respective carrier.

Please use the Contact Form to do so.

You can always contact us to amend your order or cancel it if you wish.

There is also a built-in form under My account section in the Orders view for cancellations.

You can also use this form to claim a refund, but you must state that you want a refund in the Reason field.

We don’t provide automatic links to any tracking functionality of our carriers just yet.

But you can always track it on their corresponding website by searching with your order reference number.

You can write us about any questions you have at

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